29 Apr , 2019

Indiana becomes 17th state that doesn’t require a fee or training to carry a concealed handgun

In addition to the sixteen Constitutional Carry states, Indiana has become the 17th state that doesn’t require a fee or training to get a concealed handgun permit. The Constitutional Carry states don’t require a permit as long as you are within their state, but you have to get a permit to carry outside of your state.…


4 May , 2017

In Texas state Senate and House, Only Democrats voted against lowering fees for permitted concealed handguns

UPDATED:  Democrats say that the support the poor, but when it come to letting the poor defend themselves, if it were up to Democrats in Texas, they would never have lowered the fees paid the state for permits.  In Texas only Democrats voted against reducing the fee to get a concealed handgun permit from $140 to $40.  …