Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg group pours $2.5 million into a low-profile North Carolina’s lieutenant governor race to defeat Black Republican Mark Robinson, ten times what Robinson spent

5 Nov , 2020   Video

A group funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent $2.5 million to support the Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor. By contrast, the Republican who he tried to defeat, Mark Robinson, spent $234,088. Robinson beat his Democrat opponent by 177,883 votes.

The Greensboro native went from factory worker to North Carolina’s next lieutenant governor in less than three years.…



Black Gun Ownership Soars in 2020, firearm sales for blacks increased by 58.2% during the first half of 2020

5 Nov , 2020  

The CPRC has already documented the huge increase in concealed handgun permits by blacks. From 2015 to 2019/2020, in the four states that provide data by race over that time period, the number of black people with permits increased almost 55.6% faster than the number of whites with permits.

But it turns out that there has been a similar large increase in gun purchases by blacks.…