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CBS’ shows continued obsession with machine guns: Magnum PI and Blue Bloods

3 May , 2020   Video

As we have pointed out many times, television crime shows seem to think criminals are constantly using machine guns to shoot people. Two different CBS shows on Friday, May 1st, 2020 again discuss criminals using machine guns. Magnum PI (S2 E18) has criminals firing machine guns at Magnum and Higgins as they try to escape in a school bus.…


Media Bias

At Townhall: The Blacklist Misinformation on Guns

23 Apr , 2020  

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at Townhall on media bias.

These days, television entertainment shows depict gun owners either as buffoons or criminals. They never portray regular civilians using guns to save lives, and instead like to show firearms falling into the wrong hands.

On Friday’s episode of “The Blacklist,” a robber fatally shoots a young woman working at a convenience store.

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NBC’s The Blacklist goes on a binge of reciting one gun control myth after another

21 Apr , 2020   Video

A robber shoots a young woman in a hold-up, and the gun got to him through a straw purchase (The Blacklist, Season 7, E 15, April 17, 2020). The shooting is particularly tragic because the young woman has literally just learned that she has gotten admitted to the college of her dreams.…


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At Real Clear Politics: Hypocrisy in NYT’s Reporting on a COVID-Skeptic’s Death

20 Apr , 2020  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Real Clear Politics:

The New York Times thinks it nailed Fox News. Over the weekend, the Times ran a blistering story that blamed the death of Brooklyn bar owner Joe Joyce on skepticism of the coronavirus panic. Supposedly assured by President Trump and Fox News that there wasn’t a problem, Joyce made the fatal mistake of going on a cruise.

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NBC’s television show “Chicago PD” seems to believe that Semi-automatic handguns are Machine guns

18 Apr , 2020   Video

As we have pointed out many times, television police shows seem to think criminals are constantly using machine guns to shoot people, that they are massively outgunning police officers who are using only semi-automatic weapons. Some shows claim AR-15s are machine guns. But this episode on NBC’s Chicago PD implies that semi-automatic handguns are machine guns (Season 7, Episode 17, March 18, 2020).…

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Media Bias

CBS Hawaii 5-O’s Continued Obsession With Criminals Using Machine Guns

13 Apr , 2020   Video

Do all criminals in Hawaii have machine guns or at least have buddies who have machine guns? CBS’s Hawaii 5-O continues its obsession with criminals using machine guns (Hawaii 5-O S10 E21, March 27, 2020). This show doesn’t seem to be able to go an episode without criminals using full automatic firearms.…

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