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Defensive Gun Uses where people legally carrying concealed guns have stopped crime, cases from late September to mid October 2019

6 Nov , 2020  

Nicholasville, Ky, September 23, 2019

According to police, a pizza delivery driver turned the tables on some would-be robbers by pulling out his own weapon and trading shots with them in Nicholasville.
This happened outside of the Nicholasville Comfort Inn shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Police said an adult and a minor attempted to rob the Domino’s driver at gunpoint when the driver pulled out his own gun.


Montana voters pass preemption bill that limits local gun control laws

5 Nov , 2020  

The CPRC has written on the policy importance of state preemption laws on gun control. Almost all states today have a law prohibiting local jurisdictions from imposing gun control restrictions that are more severe than state law (the exemptions are Connecticut (Dwyer v. Farrell, 475 A.2d 257 (Conn. 1984) ), Hawaii (Richardson v.


Black Gun Ownership Soars in 2020, firearm sales for blacks increased by 58.2% during the first half of 2020

5 Nov , 2020  

The CPRC has already documented the huge increase in concealed handgun permits by blacks. From 2015 to 2019/2020, in the four states that provide data by race over that time period, the number of black people with permits increased almost 55.6% faster than the number of whites with permits.

But it turns out that there has been a similar large increase in gun purchases by blacks.…


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More problems with the latest FBI Reports: 15% of Active Shooter Attacks During 2014-19 were Stopped Or Mitigated By Citizens Legally Carrying Guns, But Misses More than Half The Cases

2 Nov , 2020  

The FBI claims that there were 27 active shooting cases in 2018 and 28 cases in 2019, but they have missed at least seven cases, with at least six cases where a concealed handgun permit holder stopped the attack. So there should be nine cases (14.52%) where people used legally carried guns to stop 62 cases in 2018 and 2019.…

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In America’s 1st Freedom: Shooting Straight with John R. Lott

28 Oct , 2020  

Note: Interview of Dr. John R. Lott done before he left the CPRC.

This gun-control activist really didn’t like John R. Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. She got right in Lott’s face and began screaming. The thing is, we were in a congressional building. Lott had just finished testifying to a joint congressional committee.

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On Oklahoma City’s KTOK: What Biden’s policies mean for the future of private gun ownership

27 Oct , 2020  

(Monday, October 12, 2020)

Dr. John Lott spoke with Lee Matthews about what Biden’s policies mean for the future of gun ownership.


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CPRC in the News: Newsweek, Forbes, Daily Wire, Daily Caller, and much more

26 Oct , 2020  

A shortage of ammunition in the U.S. is set to continue following record firearms sales this year. Reasons suggested for the high arms sales figures include uncertainty amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming presidential election and civil unrest seen in recent months across the country.

“During President [Donald] Trump’s administration, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared to over 19.48 million–a 34 percent increase over 2016,” a Crime Prevention Research Center report released earlier this month said.


Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Control Groups are Running Ads for the November Elections, but they aren’t focusing on Gun Control

25 Oct , 2020  

Unlike the NRA, Michael Bloomberg’s gun control organizations have depended on a few billionaire donors, notably Bloomberg himself. But what is most notable in this election is that while they spent about $26 million by the middle of October, they have stayed away from running ads on gun control. Bloomberg’s gun control groups have felt that the best way to push for more gun control is to gun ads on health care and energy.…



On Allentown, Pennsylvania’s WAEB: Joe Biden’s proposed lawsuits against gun makers and sellers

24 Oct , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Allentown, Pennsylvania’s WAEB about Joe Biden’s proposed lawsuits against gun makers and sellers and what that would mean for people’s right to self-defense.

(Monday, October 12, 2020, from 9:05 to 9:30 AM)


Defensive Gun Use, Featured

Ten cases over the last few years where people have had to fire ten or more shots in self defense

22 Oct , 2020  

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but here are ten cases where law-abiding citizens, some of them concealed handgun permit holders fired at least 10 shots in self-defense.

A dozen shots fired, Columbus, Georgia, October 17, 2016

A Columbus homeowner opened fire on four men burglarizing his McNeese Drive home Monday afternoon, hitting at least one suspect, police say.