On Law of Self Defense: Expert DESTROYS Gun Control Narrative

May 19, 2022 | Featured

Andrew Branca interviewed Dr. John Lott about gun control generally and the recent tragedy in Buffalo.

Andrew Branca: “I have probably never said this before because it seems so implicit to me, but you are one of my personal and professional heroes and I use that term advisedly. A hero being someone who does the right thing, does the hard thing, even when they know that there is going to be a cost to pay for doing that. And you always stick to your principles. You always back up how you feel or how you write about things with actual data and analysis, and that certainly can’t be said for the people on the other side of this argument, whose work I also read, but I find it largely propagandistic and, of course, politically motivated. So it is really humbling for this small-town attorney with a small a very modest internet follow to have the great and powerful Dr. John Lott, Jr. on with us.