9th Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down California’s ban on high-capacity magazines, applies strict scrutiny, says restrictions violate 2nd Amendment

15 Aug , 2020  

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday upheld a 2017 ruling by San Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who blocked a new law that would have barred gun owners from possessing magazines holding more than 10 bullets. The court’s three-judge panel said that while California’s law has a “laudable goal of reducing gun violence,” it must also comply with the Constitution.…

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CPRC in the News: The Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, Star Tribune, Daily Caller

15 Aug , 2020  

John Lott writes in a Newsweek op-ed:

Thirty-seven states have changed their mail-in voting procedures this year in response to the coronavirus. They have followed the lead of Democrats and the media, who claim that concerns about voter fraud and vote buying are figments of the Republican imagination… Liberals and progressives often try to model the U.S.


Kamala Harris on her ability as president to use an Executive Order to ban guns

13 Aug , 2020   Video

Kamala Harris explains that she believes that the president has the power to ban guns using Executive Orders. She also blames President Trump for creating the atmosphere that has lead to mass public shootings.

MUIR: President Obama, after Sandy Hook, more than 23 executive actions, and yet here we all are today.

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Rasmussen Report shows 47% of American households own guns, 27% of households with guns have bought one in the last six months

10 Aug , 2020  

A new Rasmussen Report survey shows that 47 percent of American households own a gun, with 5 percent either not sure/refusing to answer the question. Assuming that 47 percent of those who aren’t sure or refusing to answer whether they own a gun actually do, half of American households own guns.…


On Bob Gourley’s “Issues Today” Radio: “Gun Control Myths”

10 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Bob Gourley on “Issues Today” Radio about his new book, “Gun Control Myths.”

Issues Today is on 76 public radio stations across the country.

(During the week of August 10th to 16th, 2020)

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On the Sean Hannity Radio Show: Talking about the New York Lawsuit against the NRA, Defunding the Police, Who is hurt by gun control

9 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott appeared for a full hour of the Sean Hannity radio show on August 7th, 2020.

John Lott, President, Crime Prevention Research Center and author of a the new book “Gun Control Myths” which was released on 7/4 and Leo Terrell, American civil rights attorney and talk radio host, find him at @TheLeoTerrell on Twitter, and Sgt.

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Freed from jail to protect him from coronavirus, Virginia rape suspect kills accuser

7 Aug , 2020  

With large numbers of inmates being released from jails and prisons across the country because of the Coronavirus, these types of crimes aren’t too surprising.

A rape suspect who was released from jail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, went on to kill the woman who had accused him, police in Virginia say.



Gang member released without bail in New York City commits three more shootings

5 Aug , 2020  

With shootings in New York City in July up 177% over what they were a year ago, stories such as this one on the bail system in New York as well as moves to defund the police help explain the increase. In a previous era, a felon in possession of gun would have required bail, but not these days.…


On the Giant 50,000 Watt WWL: On The Benefits from People being able to Protect Themselves with Guns

2 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott appeared on the Newell Normand Show to discuss the benefits from people being able to protect themselves with guns.

(Monday, July 27, 2020, from 10:10 to 10:30 AM)


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On Houston’s KSEV AM 700: “Gun Control Myths”

1 Aug , 2020  

Dr. John Lott talked to Mike Ferguson on his American Viewpoints radio show about Lott’s new book “Gun Control Myths.”

(Tuesday, July 21, 2020, from 5:32 to 5:45 PM)