On Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham: Discussing the Israel-Hamas War and the Pending SCOTUS case U.S. v. Rahimi

Nov 2, 2023 | Radio

Dr. John Lott talked to Bill Cunningham on his national Sunday radio show about the new op-ed piece at the Washington Times (“Second Amendment matters in a time of crisis: The importance of good guys with guns“) and new piece at The Federalist (“Feds Want SCOTUS To Let Judges Strip Gun Rights, Even When There’s Been No Crime“).

(Sunday, October 22, 2023)




Biden’s Gun Control Ad Attacking Trump

https://videopress.com/v/mv9khMWt?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true Biden is making gun control a central part of his re-election campaign. Biden is referring to shootings at Parkland High School, Sutherland...