Kerry Slone joins the Crime Prevention Research Center as Director for Education

Aug 1, 2023 | Featured

We are very pleased to announce that Kerry Stone is our new Executive Director for Education. Her job is for outreach to to social media and media generally. She will also be giving public speeches and writing op-eds on the importance of self-defense, particular for women.

Kerry, a domestic violence survivor, became an advocate for the rights of domestic violence victims after watching gun laws being passed across the United States which jeopardize a woman’s safety. She created We the Female. A fierce supporter of the fundamental human right to self-defense, Kerry brings a unique perspective to the conversation, as well as providing a voice to those still in hiding, or to those who no longer have their voice to give. She believes no individual should be marginalized by laws that inhibit their ability to protect themselves and has dedicated her efforts to bringing awareness to communities across the country. In addition to bringing awareness and prevention to domestic violence, Kerry educates women in situational awareness, de-escalation, and personal protection options.