Interview with Ecuador’s Expreso Newspaper: “US experts recommend arming the population to defend themselves against crime”

Aug 10, 2023 | Media Coverage

The CPRC’s Kerry Slone and John Lott talked to two major newspapers in Ecuador. Here is a story that came out on August 9th from their interview with Espresso in Guayaquil, population 2.7 million

US experts recommend arming the population to defend themselves against crime

Kerry Slone and John Lott gave a lecture at the UEES auditorium

Americans Kerry Sione and John Lott, security and crime prevention experts, argue that firearms are good allies for self-defense, especially for women. This is how they assured this Dianto in an interview, and they told the dozens of people who attended the classroom with belief that they taught at the University of Specialties. Holy Spirit, in Samborondón.

Slone, director of [education for] the Crime Prevention Research Center, defends her arguments with the result of the study of 100,000 annual crimes in the United States, which ensures that the more people have weapons, the fewer the number of crimes committed.

Lott, an economist and lawyer who has worked for the University of Chicago and Yale, has spent years researching the relationship between gun laws in the United States, crime, and public safety.

Kerry Slone, who described herself as a survivor of domestic violence, believes it is appropriate that women, from a young age, be taught to safeguard their integrity because, she emphasizes, women and older adults are a vulnerable population that can be easy prey for a mugger. For this, the most appropriate thing would be that they have tools to defend themselves.

If a woman, Lott says, attempts to confront a man, she is the loser because he is stronger and stronger when they are alone. The American investigator assures that there is no better defense for a lady than having a firearm, more than anything to defend herself against violence and crime. However, he points out, it is necessary for him to learn to use it.

“The taint of a gun represents a great change in women,” Lott asserts based on the results of the approximately 100,000 people’s cases they have tested each year for the past four decades. They benefit three or four times more in comparison with a man when it comes to armaments.