Non-shooting mass murders: Teenage Girl Murders 19 in School Dorm Fire

May 30, 2023 | Featured

Non-shootings mass murders don’t get the attention that mass murders with guns obtain. Between January 1, 1998 and May 6, 2023, 93% of the mass public shootings in the United States have fewer people murdered. Guyana has only 797,553 people, one 419th the population of the United States (334,233,854). So there are 99 mass public shootings in the United States and on a per capita rate Guyana would have 419 of these mass murders.


A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Guyana was charged Monday as an adult for the murder of 19 people after police accused her of purposefully setting fire to a school dormitory in retaliation for her cell phone being confiscated.


The fire killed 18 of her schoolmates and a five-year-old boy trapped inside the building after a dorm matron locked the doors from the inside to prevent the female students, aged 12-18, from sneaking out to socialize with males from a nearby mining town. . . .


One of the critically injured students was sent to a hospital in New York for specialist treatment, though the majority of the injured students have been discharged.


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