Indiana and Ohio send Constitutional Carry Bills to their Governors, Similar bills making progress in Alabama, Georgia, and Nebraska

Mar 9, 2022 | Gun Control Laws

On Tuesday, March 8th, the Indiana House and Senate sent a Constitutional Carry bill to Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb. The House passed the bill on a 68-to-30 vote. The Senate passed the bill by a 30-to-20 margin. Dr. John Lott testified in Indiana on the bill.

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the Ohio House and Senate sent their Constitutional Carry bill to the Republican Gov. DeWine. The House passed the bill by a 58-to-36. The Senate passed the bill by 24-to-9.

On Tuesday, March 8th, by a 30 to 12 vote the Nebraska state Senate passed what is called a “pull” motion. It allows the Constitutional Carry bill to get around the judiciary committee and be voted on by the state Senate this Thursday. If Dems filibuster the bill, three more votes will have to be picked up. Dr. John Lott testified in Nebraska on their bill and he had an op-ed and a letter in the Omaha World-Herald. The picture below is from the floor of the Nebraska state Senate.

Last week, the Alabama state Senate passed their bill by a 23-to-6 vote.

Vote in Indiana
Vote in Nebraska

The strangeness of the political process: As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Indiana state Senator Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) almost killed the Constitutional Carry bill at multiple stages. Three times Brown held hearings where she killed the bill by refusing to hold votes. What was particularly strange is that Brown was the lead sponsor on one of the versions of Constitutional Carry that she killed. So for a while, she was selling herself as a champion of the legislation at the same time she kept killing it. There are other steps that she took behind the scenes that made passage difficult.




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