Dramatic Self-defense Gun case: Colorado Man with AR-15 Rifle Chased Strangulation Victim, But Homeowner Shot Him in Face

Oct 22, 2021 | Defensive Gun Use

This is NOT the same John Lott who runs the CPRC, but this was too good of a defensive gun use story to pass up.

. . . “CSPD received numerous 911 calls regarding shots fired at the above location,” cops wrote on Saturday in their police blotter page. They said they found suspect John Lott, 34, shot in the face. “Patrol units were dispatched and upon arrival found the suspect, later identified as John Lott, outside the location suffering from a gunshot wound to the face.”

Cops said they learned about a “domestic disturbance” in which Lott strangled a person to unconsciousness multiple times. This person, who was not identified, fled to a nearby home and asked for help, officers said. The occupant let the person into his home.

Lott wasn’t finished, however, according to the police version of events. He opened fire on the home with a shotgun, then an AR-15 rifle, and tried to enter the residence, cops said. The homeowner, however, shot back, police said.

“After firing numerous rounds into the residence attempting to murder the victims, Mr Lott attempted to unlawfully enter the residence while armed with the AR-15,” police wrote. “The owner of the residence had armed himself with a firearm and upon seeing Mr Lott attempting to enter his residence fired one round striking Mr Lott.”

This shot put Lott out of commission but did not kill him . . .

Alberto Luperon, “Colorado Man with AR-15 Rifle Chased Strangulation Victim, But Homeowner Shot Him in Face: Police,” Law & Crime, October 17, 2021.
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