As shootings and crime climb dramatically, Gun permit requests by New Yorkers soared by 216%, but the rate that permits were approved fell by 81%

25 Dec , 2020  

With shootings up 96% this year, and murders up by 39%, it is understandable that people are concerned about their safety and have been applying for permits to own guns. New Yorkers seem people getting pushed in front of subway trains and getting robbed. They see the violent riots in the city. Their concern about protecting themselves is understandable.

As we have pointed out in our annual study on concealed handgun permits, Democrats nationwide have restricted the issuing of concealed handgun permits.

From the New York Post:

The 8,088 applications for first-time pistol and rifle permits submitted since March 22 — when coronavirus-related restrictions went into effect — represent a threefold-plus increase over the 2,562 submitted between March 22 and Dec. 31, 2019, NYPD statistics obtained by The Post this week show.

But only 1,087 applications were approved, far less than the 1,778 granted during the same period last year, according to the official data.

Meanwhile, the approval rate since March 22 is less than 14%, compared to nearly 70% last year.

Kevin Sheehan, Tina Moore and Bruce Golding, “NYC gun-permit applications are soaring — but the NYPD isn’t approving many,” New York Post, December 23, 2020.



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