Nine Defensive Gun Uses where people legally carrying concealed guns have stopped crime, cases from late August to mid September 2019

Jun 17, 2020 | Defensive Gun Use, Featured

We normally don’t include cases where a business owner or employee stops an attack, as those are quite numerous, unless the case explicitly notes the person had a concealed handgun permit.

Philadelphia, PA, August 26, 2019

Police say an armed man in his 30s attempted to rob the store when the MetroPCS employee, who has a permit to carry, shot the suspect.

Police say the suspect died at the scene….

“He’s doing his job and standing his ground and whatever he had to do. But this is the normal in Southwest. It’s an everyday thing, nothing new for us,” said Dahn. . . .

Bob Brooks, “MetroPCS employee fatally shoots would-be robber in Philadelphia: Police,” ABC Philadelphia Channel 6, August 29, 2019

Yeadon, PA, September 18, 2019

A classic robbery set up case

. . . Police say a group plotted to set up and rob a young man of expensive hair extensions, but they didn’t count on the man being licensed to carry….

The 23-year-old was selling expensive hair extensions and police say he was lured by two women via text messages before the attempted robbery.

“Omar literally jumps in the front window of the driver’s side window, which was down, and is on top of the victim forcing a handgun into his stomach and demanding all of the property that the victim had brought with him,” Paparo said.

In a panic, the victim pulled his own weapon.

“He lawfully is in possession of a firearm. He pulls his own firearm and fires three rounds, the first of which hits Mr. Thompson in the head and kills him,” Paparo said….“The DA’s Office has reviewed the case in reference to the victim and has determined this is a justifiable homicide,” Paparo said. . . .

Natasha Brown, “Victim Of Attempted Robbery In Yeadon Fatally Shoots One Suspect, Police Searching For Others Involved In Plot,” CBS Channel 3 Philly, October 7, 2019.

Miami, FL, September 19, 2019

Police said Carter followed the victim outside after the victim finished eating and then punched the victim from behind in the parking lot of a nearby Popeyes, causing the victim to fall to the ground….

Cellphone video taken by a witness shows a good Samaritan, who identified herself to Local 10 News only as Lula, firing her gun during the incident in an effort to stop the attack….

Police said Lula warned Carter to stop beating on the victim or she would shoot him, but he ignored her. 

Authorities said Lula fired one shot in Carter’s direction but didn’t strike him.Witnesses told officers Carter then ran off.

Staff, “Man, 21, arrested in connection with attempted robbery that led to shooting outside Popeyes,” WPLG Channel 10, September 20, 2019.

Coshocton, OH, August 31, 2019

Bartlett confronted Hayes in an attempt to protect the restaurant’s customers and employees. Bartlett, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his weapon and began to order Hayes to drop the knife, the sheriff’s office said.

According to the sheriff’s office, Hayes refused to comply and began to leave the restaurant. Bartlett pursued Hayes outside where he was able to convince Hayes to drop the knife.

“Due to the heroic actions of Mr. James H. Bartlett, deputies were able to take the suspect into custody without injury or loss of life,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook. . . .

NBC Channel 4 Staff, “Man with knife inside Coshocton McDonald’s charged,” NBC Channel 4 (Columbus, Ohio), September 3, 2019.

Charlotte, NC, September 9, 2019

According to police, a suspect entered the store and shot the store manager during an attempted robbery. Police said the store manager returned fire, injuring the suspect. Police said the suspect fled the scene but was later located by police with a gunshot wound at 5340 Monroe Road….

The store manager was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, police report. Police confirmed the store manager was legally armed. . . .

WCNC Staff, “7-Eleven manager shot during attempted robbery; returns fire and injures suspect, CMPD says.” WCNC NBC (Charlotte, North Carolina), September 9, 2019.

Houston, TX, September 12, 2019

The man told deputies he was sitting inside of his girlfriend’s vehicle when another man opened the driver’s side door, sat down and then told him to get out of the vehicle….

Deputies say the attempted carjacker appeared to have a gun and pointed it at the man, telling him to get out of the vehicle.

While exiting the vehicle, the victim pulled out his own gun and shot the carjacker in the stomach….The man who defended himself will not face any charges. . . .

Jeff Ehling, “Passenger shoots man who attempted to steal girlfriend’s vehicle in Walgreens parking lot,” ABC Channel 13 (Houston, Texas), September 12, 2019.

Lake Charles, LA, September 12, 2019

All indications are that the person killed was one of the robbers, and he died at the hands of his supposed victim….

The unidentified assailants were reportedly “brutally attacking a victim within the establishment, when the victim was able to defend themselves and shoot the two subjects,” according to the police department’s spokesman, Lt. Jeff Keenum. It was during that altercation that the victim was able to fire his gun and, given the close proximity of all three to each other, it isn’t surprising that one was killed. . . .

Bob Garcia, “Casino robbery and shooting at a Louisiana casino results on one death,” America’s Card Room, September 13, 2019.

Fort Mill, SC, September 15, 2019

Charges are pending for a man accused of ramming his truck into cars at a Fort Mill plaza. The suspect was eventually stopped by another man with a gun….

Witnesses said the suspect got in his black truck and continuously slammed into three to four cars. He was stopped by one of the drivers, who was carrying a gun. The man with the gun allegedly hit the suspect in the head with the weapon….

The York County Sheriff’s Office said the person with the gun will not face charges and is a legal concealed-carry gun owner. . . .

Erin Edwards, “Man with concealed-carry holds suspect, accused of crashing into cars, at bay,” WSOC TV (Charlotte, North Carolina), September 18, 2019.

Hockley, TX, September 16, 2019

This is about two women who were working late at a movie theater.

. . . the two women were alone upstairs and heard rummaging noises coming from downstairs. After going to investigate, they found one male suspect, who was apparently hiding in a closet.

“They ordered the male out, the male did comply, and it appeared that he was possibly armed with a knife,” Gonzalez said. “At that point, they began giving him verbal commands, and the male exited the location and took off without incident.”

But then second male suspect appeared, who may have been hiding in a closet or restroom,Gonzalez said. The second male was allegedly partially masked, wearing gloves and armed with a baseball bat.

Police said the manager claimed the second man attacked her with a bat, and she was forced to defend herself.

“She did retrieve a weapon that she had on her person and fired, striking the male,” Gonzalez said. “The male has been confirmed deceased at the scene.” . . .

Ewan Palmer, “Texas Drive-In Theater Manager Shoots, Kills Masked Robbery Suspect After He Allegedly Attacked Her With a Bat,” Newsweek, September 16, 2019.
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  1. Michael Haseltine

    Note that all of these incidents are at commercial establishments. Are there any such events at residences?

    • johnrlott

      Follow the links for defensive gun uses and you will see lots of such examples.


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