On the Lars Larson Show: How many Coronavirus deaths are there really?

May 25, 2020 | Radio

Dr. John Lott talked to Lars Larson on his national radio show about the research that we have done on deaths from the Coronavirus being dramatically over counted.

(Friday, May 22, 2020, from 6:45 to 6:53 PM)


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  1. Gordon Couger

    This is not the place to eave this but I am unable to reach most of the links in you email. I get:

    This page isn’t working
    crimeresearch.org redirected you too many times.

    I can’t do diagnostics from here so I don’t know for sure witch end its on.

    When I search Google’s webcrawler history with:
    The links it brings give the same error. I looks google isn’t crawling and indexing crimeresearch.org.

    Over the last month a lot of gun related information gone from google. Most form and Buds gun shop never are found on google without using their name.

    I suspect your being sabotaged by google or a provider in your internet concoction


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