Television Shows Misrepresenting Facts: “FBI: Most Wanted” showing mass public shooting at gun range

15 Feb , 2020   Video

How many mass public shootings have there been at gun ranges? Zero. In fact, 94% all the mass public shootings take place at places where guns are banned. But the television show isn’t interested in realism, but want to push back against the narrative that armed people can stop these types of attacks. The show ignores there is a reason that these attackers stay clear of areas where people can defend themselves. In fact, there are dozens of cases in recent years where people legally carrying guns have stopped these attacks. In case any viewer missed the point that there was an attack that occurred in a place with lots of civilians having guns, one of the FBI agents makes the point clear to viewers. Even later in the show, a television news report repeats the point again.

The show also has the murderer using a suppressor and that makes it more difficult for the FBI to stop the killer.

(FBI Most Wanted S1 E5 Tuesday, February 11, 2020)



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