For a $25 donation to the Crime Prevention Research Center get a signed copy of Nikki’s new book “Stalked and Defenseless”

28 Dec , 2019  

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox & Friends, Fox Nation, and multiple other TV shows, such as One America News, have featured Nikki’s new book. Now here is your chance to get a signed copy of her powerful new book. For a $25 donation, Nikki will sign and mail a copy of her book to you. First, donate $25 here and then send an email to us at info@crimeresearch.org with the name that you want the book signed to and the address that you want the book sent to.


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  1. […] A signed copy of Nikki’s new book, “Stalked And Defenseless: How Gun Control Helped My Stalker Murder My Husband in Front of Me,” is available here. […]

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