Television Show Bias Against Guns: CBS’s Bull has child fatally shooting brother

24 Nov , 2019   Video

CBS’s Bull continues its consistent bias against gun ownership (previous shows during Season 3 include this episode). In Season 4, episode 8, the episode fits gun control advocates claims about the dangers of guns in the home, particularly their assertions about the risks of children getting a hold of guns. We think that the focus here is to greatly exaggerate the risks of having guns in the home.

In 2017, the CDC shows that there were 71 accidental accidental gun deaths for people under age 15 and 95 accidental gun deaths for people under age 18. For those under age 18, that is the rate of 0.13 deaths per 100,000 people. By comparison, the number under 18 who die in motor vehicle accidents was 2,510, a rate of 3.41 per 100,000 people; 1,308 died from suffocations; 283 from accidental fires; 217 died from poisonings; and 89 died in cycling accidents.

(Season 4, episode 8, Monday, November 18, 2019)



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