German Synagogue Shooter shows futility of gun control, uses homemade guns in attacks

Oct 15, 2019 | Featured

The number one goal of the 27-year-old man, Stephan Balliet, who attacked a synagogue in Karlsruhe, southern Germany, was simple: “1. Prove the viability of improvised weapons.” While he killed two people outside the synagogue, his plans were thwarted when he couldn’t get inside. His guns also jammed, apparently he failed to test out his guns before his attack.

“People have been improvising weapons forever,” said Mark A. Tallman, who teaches at Colorado State University at Pueblo’s Center for the Study of Homeland Security and has written a history of ghost guns. “Making guns is relatively low technology.”

Among the guns that the killer made was a machine gun that appears to be based on blueprint designed by Philip Luty.

While German authorities have not yet confirmed the types of weapons used in the attack, some arms experts online said it was clear from images of the weapons used in the attack that at least one of the guns was built from a distinctive Luty submachine blueprint.

The killer apparently made six different guns, such as a shotgun, as well as homemade hand grenades.

The attack occurred on October 10, 2019.



  1. Richard Hinman

    The headline says gun control is futile because people can make their own guns and the article says because the person made his own guns, they jammed. LOL.
    Kind of makes the case for gun control.

    • Joe Boholski

      “Kind of”? One terrorist didn’t test his homemade guns, therefore disarming everyone is good? Please explain how you made that Grand Canyon-sized leap of logic.

      • Richard Hinman

        Who said anything about “disarming everyone”????.
        Please explain your “Grand Canyon-sized” distortion of my comment!.
        I support some gun control but certainly not taking away everybody’s guns.
        The above article, (and your comment), are typical false arguments from gun extremists. You always equate some gun-control with “taking away all guns”.
        The purpose of gun control is NOT to PREVENT ALL shootings.
        Gun control is meant to REDUCE the number of incidents and REDUCE the number of casualties in incidents that do occur.
        The German shooter’s jammed guns saved lives and offer proof that gun control works. The fact he didn’t test them doesn’t help your argument at all.

  2. Joe Wilson

    The AK-47 was deliberately designed so that it could be produced by a very ordinary machinist, using extremely ordinary tools and ordinary materials. Stamped sheet metal (steel or aluminum), one steel rod for the barrel, and a 2×4 for the stock. The blueprints, just like the blueprints for Philip Luty’s submachine gun design, are available on the Internet.

    A machinist of average skill could make a fully automatic AK-47 in his garage in a few hours. Handguns are even easier. If gun control advocates could wave their magic wands like Harry Potter, and make every privately owned gun in America vanish at sunrise, by 5:00 PM there would be homemade guns for sale on Craigslist.

    • Richard Hinman

      “A machinist of average skill could make an AK-47…”
      That may be true, but most people aren’t machinists so that is irrelevant.
      The point is to make it more difficult for potential shooters and having to build a weapon makes it more difficult.

      “…by 5 PM there would be homemade guns for sale on Craig’s list”-
      Really? Is Craig’s list excluded from adhering to the law?.

      The purpose of gun-control is to REDUCE the availability of certain guns.
      No one ever said gun-control would be 100% effective.