Our video on television anti-gun bias has gotten coverage on The Daily Wire, Twitchy

9 Sep , 2019   Video

The Daily Wire and Twitchy are two places that gave our new video on media coverage attention.





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  1. Cris Baker says:

    Hi John,

    You’ll find this study comparing violent crime in UK and USA valuable in convincing Americans that more guns give LESS violent crime.

    Official government statistics from the USA and UK show that the violent crime rate in disarmed Britain has been going UP while the rate in well-armed USA has gone DOWN.

    Britain’s violent crime rate in 2017 increased to 2,213 per 100,000 people while the USA rate has decreased to just 394. The violent crime rate gap has WIDENED to at least 6.85 more from 4.36 a decade ago. see more and comment:


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    Cris Baker
    Monday, 2019/09/23

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