Hollywood’s Bias Against Guns

Sep 5, 2019 | Featured

Hollywood pushes endless myths that demonize guns and gun owners. Ultimately, the film industry endangers lives by misleading people about such an important issue. Here are just a few myths:
MYTH: Guns are more likely to do harm than good.
REALITY: Guns are used at least hundreds of thousands of times a year for self-defense, far more often than they do harm.
MYTH: Police want citizens to avoid guns.
REALITY: Police know that armed citizens deter criminals and reduce crime.
MYTH: Criminals often use machine guns to outgun cops
REALITY: Machine guns have been banned for decades, and there have been just two cases of machine guns being used for murder since the 1930s.
MYTH: Gun owners are often bigoted vigilantes who do more harm than good
REALITY: Gun owners, and neighborhood watch programs, have been shown to reduce crime rates.
MYTH: “Gun-free zones” successfully disarm criminals
REALITY: Criminals ignore gun-free zones while good people generally obey the law, turning them into sitting ducks. When good people carry, they’ve often been able to stop mass shootings.
Our first video on false claims about mass public shootings is available here.
The first time this video on Hollywood’s bias was released it did pretty well.
On Facebook, it got over 434,000 views.
On Twitter, the video has gotten over 101,000 views.
The second time it was released:
On Facebook, it got 382,071 views by February 9th 2020.
On Twitter, it got 119,500 views.
Plus over 10,800 views on YouTube.
The total views for the video are thus over one million, at 1,047,371.



  1. Lee Bart

    Pervy Weinstein said he’s making it his mission to destroy the NRA. Do we need to speculate why? The rampant sex abuse and child molestation in the sleazy World of show biz has been a poorly kept dirty little secret for over 100 years. No wonder why the overpaid mannequins love to throw their star power behind the gun grabbers, looking pretty in front of the step and repeat backdrops parroting the same old meaningless rhetoric about some nonexistent epidemic of gun violence. After all potential sex abuse victims who can shoot back are BAD FOR BUSINESS.

  2. Susanna

    Facebook likes to block this video from anyone who isn’t a Facebook user. This never occurred before the BIG PURGE.