Highly Recommended: On Greg Gutfeld’s Podcast: Politics of Gun Control with John R. Lott Jr.

22 Aug , 2019  

Greg’s guest on “The One With Greg Gutfeld” today is the founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John R. Lott, Jr. He is an economist and a world-recognized expert on guns and crime. They discuss recent mass shootings and the calls for stricter gun laws. Please click here to listen to the audio. Download it and share it with people.

(Wednesday, August 21, 2019)




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  1. Richard Rusoff says:

    Best Interview ever a must for both sides to hear. too bad we can’t force feed all media so that both sides can hear this conversation excellent job John. One request however please stop using the term assault weapon unless you define what it doesn’t really mean you are just buying into the liberal language. Thanks for all you do.

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