Concealed handgun permit holder in DC shoots robber

23 Aug , 2019  

Here is a picture of the bus stop where the attempted robbery occurred on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019. From the Washington Post:

Police said the wounded man and a second suspect have been charged with assault with intent to commit robbery. They were identified as Nigel Pulliam, 26, and Keith Lamont Blue, also 26. Both are from Southeast Washington.

Police did not identify which of the men had been shot.

The incident occurred shortly before 2 p.m. when police said two men approached the victim in the 500 block of H Street NE, blocked his path and made statements indicating a possible robbery.

An arrest affidavit filed in D.C. Superior Court says one of the men was armed with a handgun with an extended magazine, and the other man held his hand under his shirt as if he had a firearm.

The victim told police he tried to walk away but was again blocked by one of the men who said, “Don’t move,” the affidavit says.

Police said the intended victim “brandished his lawfully possessed firearm and shot at the suspect, striking him in the arm.” . . .

Another article on the case is available here.

A man shot a suspect who threatened to rob him on H Street NE at about 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The man was standing at a bus stop near Fifth and H Streets NE the afternoon of August 20 when two suspects approached him.  One of those suspects said that he intended to rob the waiting man.  Believing that the suspects were armed, the man took out his legally-possessed firearm and shot at the suspect, striking him in his arm.

Police said that the shooter has a valid concealed-carry pistol license in the District of Columbia. . . .


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  1. Ron Lilly says:

    Sadly, the police refer to the lawful, self defense use of a firearm as brandishing. The DC cops (like almost all cops) still seem to have the mental disposition that the lawful ownership, carry, and use of firearms by citizens (which they condescendingly refer to as “civilians”) is not *really* legitimate. At least the man who defended himself is not in jail facing a long list of felonies like he would have been in dee cee a few years ago. So, that’s progress.

    • William Maxey says:

      Your absolutely correct. I’m a retired Federal Agent with over 33 years on the job and now they refer to me as a “civilian”. As a retiree I’m looked at by working cops as a “Has Been” which is lower than a “Wanna Be” to them. I don’t get it, what do they think happens to us when we retire, do they think that someone greases up a vacuum cleaner hose and shoves it up our asses and sucks from our brains thirty plus or more years of law enforcement knowledge? “Sack” dragging morons! I’m now a “civilian” as you say and you’re right the majority of law enforcement thinks of us and labels us disparagingly as “Civilians”, I would rather they refer to us correctly as “citizens”. And as citizens we collectively pay your f**king salaries. So sheepdogs, don’t try to intimidate us or look down on us sheep, just do your job like I did mine and protect us. The term “civilian” is a term used by the military to identify someone who is not. If a cop identifies him or herself as the military, which they are far from, then I suggest that they bump their happy asses down to the neighborhood recruiting office, military branch of their choice, and sign up.

    • Roger says:

      Who ever wrote both those stories needs to go back to school. It was so poorly written with the words “brandishing” or “intended to rob” in New York the suspects could have reversed the charges that the victim tried to rob them . One story did not even mention one of the suspect was armed with an extended magazine. Thank the news media this is how riot starts .

  2. Tim Hedrick says:

    Wow… Mr. Lilly, you really read a lot out of that article with respect to the mental status of the police regarding this incident. 1) you assume they used the term “brandished” rather than the author of the article; 2) What’s wrong with the term brandished vs drew or displayed; 3) you choose to completely ignore the fact the word choice “his lawfully possessed firearm” is emphasized in the same sentence (whether used by the author or the police”; 4) Civilian is a pretty generic term used widely to refer to any non-law enforcement (or often non firefighter for that matter) in incidents; 5) I find it pretty condescending on your part to assume you have a grip on the status of 900,000+ police officers across the country, the vast majority are actually pretty strong 2A supporters…. like me, now a retired and a “civilian” CCW carrier. Cops aren’t cloned, they have their own political opinions just like you.

    • William Maxey says:

      No Sir, you are not a “Civilian”. That’s a term used by the military to describe someone who is not. I am aware the law enforcement wears uniforms like the military and even wear military type rank insignia. Because of this some LE identify as military but believe me they are not. Law enforcement is not the military. If they want to identify as the military then I suggest they bump their happy asses down to the nearest recruiter and sign up. You Sir are a “citizen”. Law enforcement are the sheepdogs hired, trained and paid by the sheep to protect them. Just my opinion as a retired Federal Agent Sheepdog with over 33 years of LE experience.

    • Whether the firearm in your possesion is leagally owned or not , if you ” brandish” it, you have broken the law. And yes I agree with you, it was the writer that chose the word not police.

    • Captain America says:

      Ignorance can be bilssful but at the same time dangerous

    • Jeffersonian says:

      Well, Tim, here’s a couple examples from Portland.



      Anyone who’s not wearing blue blinders learned to stop trusting any cop of any kind a long time ago.

  3. Lynne says:

    Another defensive use of a firearm by a law abiding citizen to add to the estimated 700,000 to 2.5 million times a good guy with a gun defends themselves and/or family/friends! Thanks for collecting these stories Mr. Lott and publishing the info.

  4. 2A says:

    Well, Tim….if what you are saying is that police officers can violate the “Oath” to the US Constitution and the Bill of RIghts because they have their own political belief, then we all just need to bow down to the holy Tyrant that run this country then.

    By your logic, LEO can ignore lady justice with a blindfold on her eyes? Gee, i wonder why lady Justice have a blind fold over her eyes?

  5. Robert Bundy says:

    Leagal,law-abiding citizens should have the right to legally carry firearms to protect themselves and their loved-ones against violent criminals! I’m so against all these “anti-gun laws,because all they do is prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to carry guns to protect themselves against the criminals who carry them ILLEGALLY! I am a concealed-carry permit holder in Florida and thank God I have never been in a situation where i’ve had to pull my weapon out and hopefully I never will be! But it’s always good to know and self-assuring that I have it just in case that day ever comes,God forbid!

  6. Robert K says:

    Hooray for the good guy. Don’t take our guns or the right to carry them!

  7. Joe says:

    Finally a feel good story about someone leagally armed and using their weapon to protect themselves .The DC police did a good job assessing the event, and a couple of bad guys are off the street at least for a while. Exactly how its supposed to work. It’s a shame more cities haven’t relaxed concealed carry laws.

  8. Roger says:

    Would you believe in New York there are many unreported isolated incidents involving a good guy shooting a bad guy, but the good guy (victim) ran because he was carrying against his pistol license restrictions. But at least he or she got away and alive. In some cases the police do know . but they do not report it because it may trigger more people to start carrying their guns.

  9. Dan Fryling says:

    Excellent, another good outcome from a person exercising his right to self defense.

  10. Toby says:

    We need more stories like this in the headlines. With all the negativity against guns, it is somewhat refreshing to hear that CCW really can be a good thing. I also commend you reporting about this incident. Do me a favor and pass this story along to CNN or any of the other big news outlets, maybe even Cuomo himself.

  11. Dave Bowrin says:

    What do you think self defense means? Remember when DC was called the murder capital? Fact! The police are NEVER going to be there when your being robbed or raped. They are always going to respond after you’ve been hurt. DC has always had a it’s ok to be a victim attitude. MPD is a good Department but how would they feel if it was their grandmother, daughter or brother? Conceal carry people are good law abiding people who contrary to what you may think ARE NOT out there to play cowboy or replace the police. Fact! Bad guys don’t play by the same rules everyone else plays by. In fact when I carry I am very low key and don’t advertise or bring attention to myself or my weapon. I live in a rural VA county SW of DC.

  12. Dave Bowrin says:

    My stepdaughter was at Virginia Tech when the shootings happened. At her graduation there was more than 1 person(many people) who said”if just 1 or 2 of the instructors there were armed maybe that kid could have been stopped before he killed anymore people”. The idea of teachers should just teach is all well and fine. 1 Question. How do you explain that and make the families of the kids who were killed ok with that. I proffesionly carry a gun under the federal system and conceal carry. Law Enforcement does the best it can but the days of a cop a every corner are long since gone.

  13. Charles Jessee says:

    “Shootings involving a person with a legal gun in the District remain rare.” That’s an understatement…

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