Some notes on Red Flag Laws

Dec 31, 2018 | Featured

Dr. John Lott was involved in a hearing that was on the subject of Red Flag/Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Thirteen states currently have passed these laws. The audio here has just Dr. Lott’s discussion. The other speakers spoke on condition of anonymity, so we edited the audio to only include Lott’s comments, which may appear disjointed as a result. The entire meeting lasted two hours, and Lott’s full comments lasted for just under nine minutes.

Red Flag laws are like something from out of the movie Minority Report, where the government tries to predict whether a person will commit a crime. These laws don’t even mention mental illness, so their focus is actually on the non-mentally ill.



  1. Ronald M Stimpson

    Rubio is trying to get this law through Congress. This needs to go to the supreme court. Taking a mans gun is against the constitution.

  2. Bo. F.

    @ Dr. John Lott. Why is there no laws Enforced or Made to Remove all in any position or duty of power who Break laws and Violate (“Constitution. Amendments. Bill of Rights. Declaration of Independence. Liberty. Civil Rights. Gun Rights. Article V. Privacy.”)?


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