Some more examples of false positives in the NICS background check system

8 Jun , 2018  

Many people have contacted us about problems that they have faced with NICS background checks, but we have only very recently started keeping track of some cases. We have previously discussed cases of mistakes by the NICS system in mistakenly denying people the ability to purchase guns.

Ronnie Coleman, a Virginia resident, was denied being able to buy a gun in October 2012 because another person from his hometown in Texas had a name and birthdate that were considered “close enough” to his own and had a felony conviction. Coleman was advised to get a Unique Personal Identification Number from the NICS system to prevent this confusion in the future.

Frank Wise from Jacksonville Beach, Florida ran into two problems.

— In the 1990s, he was convicted of check fraud after his employer went bankrupt. When his paycheck bounced, two checks he sent to his mortgage company also bounced. Nearly 20 years later, Mr. Wise was able to get his record cleared, but that information wasn’t entered into the background check system for three years. Getting this fixed cost him $3,600 in legal fees.

— He was also stopped from buying a gun in until 2016 because a Kentucky resident who, according to Wise’s lawyer, was a felon and had a “very similar name and the same or similar birthdate.”

We have recently come across five more examples of mistaken denials by the NICS system (detailed information on these next five cases is available here).

Daniel A. Umbert (“Umbert”) is an adult male citizen of the State of Florida and is a duly licensed attorney by the State Bar of Florida.  Purchase attempted on August 1, 2017.

Troy Brent Chodosh “(Chodosh”) is an adult male citizen of the State of Texas.  Purchase attempted on April 17, 2017.

Errol Alexander Eaton (“Eaton”) is an adult male citizen of the State of Mississippi.  Purchase attempted in May 2018.

Chase W. Bickel (“Bickel”) is an adult male citizen of the State of Indiana.

Gary James LeComte (“LeComte”) is an adult male citizen of the State of Idaho.  Transfer attempted in June 2015.

Here is an example from Florida.

Miguel Gonzalez

Here is another case from Washington State.

Barron Barnett

He also related to us the names and experiences of two acquaintances of his.  “One is named after his father who’s a convicted felon.”  The other person was never able to get an explanation for why he ran into trouble.

We have also found four cases from Pennsylvania where individuals are not informed for why they failed the background checks.  All were falsely denied.  We have been provided with detailed information on their cases.

Jason Schafer, Easton, Pennsylvania.

John Porter, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Dr. Charles Gallo, Ligonie, Pennsylvania

Robert Kubiak, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania


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