On the BBC to discuss President Trump’s comments about at the NRA convention

May 5, 2018 | Featured

Dr. John Lott interviewed on BBC Radio 4 regarding President Trump’s comments about at the NRA convention.  Note, despite the BBC’s claim, Dr. Lott wasn’t at Trump’s talk.  Lott’s interview was pre-tapped so he hadn’t heard the lead in that was given in the on-air broadcast.

(Saturday, May 5, 2018)

The entire segment with the BBC’s introduction and an interview by a UK academic who disagrees with Dr. Lott is available here.  The interview wasn’t live so Dr. Lott didn’t hear the introduction to the piece.

NOTE: While the interview still came off well, most troubling were several edits that the BBC made in what Lott said in the interview.  For example, they cut out his reference to France having 1/5th the population of the US.  They also edited out a reference that he had to our website so that people could check the cases on mass shootings being stopped by permit holders.  There is also one other brief cut they made in the middle of a response by Lott.  Each cut removed just a few words and really didn’t change the length of my segment much, but it is troubling that they did that.



  1. billc

    Which British gun control laws stopped these individuals from committing a mass public shooting? Other than dumb luck and the individual with the gun not shooting people, which gun control law would have stopped mass murder?

    Two teenage boys planned to “kill everyone” at their Yorkshireschool in a Columbine-style massacre using bombs and guns, a court has heard.


    The document said the boy would “lay low” in Catterick before murdering his ex-girlfriend’s parents and stealing her father’s guns, the court heard.

    “I’ll make some explosives then well find a way back to Northallerton and well begin our assault on that f****** school,” it continued


    “This was no teenage fantasy; it was real,” he added. “They intended a re-enactment of the Columbine High School Massacre although fortunately, in the result, they were stopped before their plans were put into action.”


    Doctor found with stash of guns and NHS hitlist jailed

    A former doctor has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for stockpiling guns with the intent to endanger life.

    Martin Watt was found with three submachine guns, two pistols and 1,500 live cartridges at a property in Cumbernauld, Scotland, last year.

    The 62-year-old had lost his job at Monklands hospital in North Lanarkshire in 2012 after disciplinary hearings. His marriage broke down around the same time, the high court in Glasgow was told.

    Watt had compiled a list of names and addresses of some colleagues involved in the disciplinary process, which the judge, Valerie Stacey, said Watt had referred to as an assassination list.

    Here is the updat, the original is below..

    Yep…..this 19 year old got bombs and a glock 19 and 94 rounds of 9mm ammo on the dark web in Britain in order to murder people at the University he used to attend……….

    I guess their gun control laws stopped him…right? Or was it pure, dumb luck…..?



    Despite some of the tightest gun control on the planet, a British man was able to acquire a handgun, extended mags and explosives as part of a plot to attack his former school.

    Liam Lyburd, 19, of Newcastle upon Tyne, was sentenced to life imprisonment this week on eight charges of possessing weapons with intent to endanger life.

    As noted by the BBC, Lyburd gathered a cache that included a Glock 19, three 33-round magazines, 94 hollow-point bullets, CS gas, five pipe bombs and two other improvised explosive devices despite the country’s long history of civilian arms control.

    According to court documents, Lyburd planned to use the weapons in an attack on Newcastle College, from which he had been expelled two years prior for poor attendance. He was arrested last November after two Northumbria Police constables visited him at his home on a tip from an individual who encountered threats and disturbing pictures posted by Lyburd online.

    Despite a defense that portrayed the reclusive man as living in a fantasy world, Lyburd was found guilty in July.

    The internet-savvy teen obtained the Glock and other items through Evolution Marketplace, a successor to the Silk Road, a long-time “dark web” site in which users could buy and sell everything from illegal narcotics to munitions using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    In court, Lyburd testified that buying the Glock was so easy it was “like buying a bar of chocolate.”

    He obtained funds for his purchases through a complex extortion scheme in which he used online malware to infect computers, which he in turn held for ransom from their owners.


    15-year-old boy arrested for taking shotgun and ammunition into school did it because he was being bullied for being too fat, fellow pupils said.


    ‘Gunman’ walks into Liverpool nursery school as children were playing inside

    Police have sealed off a children’s nursery in Liverpool amid reports a gunman walked into the building while youngsters were inside.

    Officers were called to Childs Play Nursery in Wavertree, Merseyside, at around 8am this morning.

    The man, who is believed to have been carrying what looked like a firearm, walked into the nursery and approached another man.

    He then left with a second man on the back of a motorbike.

  2. Matt Thimgan

    Miss Fitzgerald is clearly referencing statistics about world nation homicide rates from the exact same cherry picked statistics highly politically motivated anti-gun groups have been quoting for decades. I would expect much better sourcing from her on the subject. These stats ALWAYS leave out the majority of nations of the world, in particular many with much, much higher homicide rates than the United States. The U.S., as best as can be estimate with data available, is that it falls somewhere in the middle amongst all countries. She additionally fails to mention that the statistics from many nations are extremely unrealiable and incomplete. Many homicides in these nations are never even reported at all.