Gun control advocates make it personal, claim opponents “have blood on their hands”

Feb 15, 2018 | Featured

Notice that when gun control advocates supported laws that made it so that the Republican congressmen last year couldn’t defend themselves, did Republicans attack Democrats for having “blood on their hands.”  No, but that is a common attack for Democrats.  As noted below, Dr. John Lott has long been the subject of these claims.

In the last day, most prominently Chelsea Handler blasted Republicans today for Florida high school shooting, saying that they “have blood on their hands.”  Others such as Norm Ornstein, a programming executive at SiriusXM Radio, and newspaper columnists such as  have made similar attacks.

Do we believe that gun control laws will do more harm than good in protecting people’s lives?  That the laws that they oppose, such as getting rid of gun-free zones, would save lives?  Yes on both counts.  For example, they refuse to end the so-called gun-free zones.  Still, the language about “blood on their hands” isn’t used against them.  Maybe it should be.

Academics such as John Donohue have made this charge more than a few times against Dr. John Lott over the years.  Here are some Tweets.  Cliff Schecter is “a Political/PR Advisor to orgs founded by Bloomberg, Gore.”

So as not to belabor the present, here are some older ones.


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  1. AJ Dalton

    The NRA contributions one is a laugh! Bloomberg and his mates throw hundreds of millions into gun control every year!
    The Aussie enemedia love to poke fun and level insults at the US laws and school shootings, but go silent on our young kids doing the same damn thing! The fact we haven’t had a mass school shooting in recent years is pure dumb luck.