Nine defensive gun uses by people legally carrying guns in public over 20 days

11 Jul , 2017  

COLUMBIA, Mo., ABC Channel 17, July 9, 2017

Columbia police said they are investigating an attempted armed robbery on Claudell Lane, which the victim says he prevented by pulling his own gun and shooting at the robber.

Police said they received calls of gunshots being heard around 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

When police arrived at the scene, they found a 27-year-old male victim who had been approached by a black man at 1014 Claudell Lane.

The victim told police the robber pointed a handgun at him and demanded his belongings. The victim said he pulled out his own handgun and fired several shots at the robber. . . .

New Orleans, Louisiana, Fox 8 WVUE, July 8, 2017

. . . Police say the incident happened just before 2 a.m. Saturday in the 1300 block of Ursulines Avenue.

According to the victim, he was walking when he was suddenly body slammed to the ground by an unknown black male. Because he says that he feared for his life, he told the man that he was armed.

Police says the victim then pulled his gun from his waist and shot the suspect three times. The suspect then fled the scene while reaching for his waistband. . . .

The suspect was taken to a local hospital by EMS where his condition is currently unknown.

Police say the victim has a concealed weapon permit and was not arrested. But police added that the shooting is still under investigation. . . .

Memphis, Tennessee, Local Memphis, July 7, 2017

. . . The shooting happened at about 3:20 p.m. Friday on the 600 block of S. Highland.

Police say the suspect entered the gas station and began assaulting a man. They say the robbery victim then pulled out a gun and shot the suspect.

The robber was hit by a bullet, but police say he was able to run out of the gas station. Police caught him outside of the business. The suspect is in the hospital in non-critical condition.  . . .

Dalton, Minnesota, The Daily Journal, July 5, 2017

A 74-year-old Dalton resident is not facing charges after shooting and wounding a dog in what is believed to have been an act of self defense.

On Friday morning at 8:56 a.m., the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the complainant, stating that he had been biking near the 200 block of South Central Avenue, in Dalton, when a nearby pit bull broke its leash and came at him aggressively. . . .

. . . The caller said he was afraid and believed the pit bull intended to hurt him, so he drew a handgun and shot the dog in the right shoulder.

According to the report, the dog was in the middle of the street by the time the shot was fired. The animal moved back a few feet before charging the complainant a second time, but, this time, a shout at the dog was sufficient to cause it to retreat.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office stated that the cyclist has a valid permit to carry, and attempts to contact the animal’s owner were unsuccessful. . . .

Roseville, Michigan, Detroit Fox Channel 2, July 10, 2017

. . . Roseville police said they were called to the 26000 block of Lehner Street around 10:30 Saturday morning. A 52-year-old man told police that he was walking his dog on a leash when two dogs escaped from a nearby home.

The man said that his dog, a Mastiff, was still on the leash when the other dogs, a pit bull and a lab mix, squeezed through a gap in the fence. He said that the dogs then attacked his dog without provocation.

The man told police he tried to fight off the pit bull who was attacking his dog but was not successful. He was fearing for his life, he said, when he pulled a handgun and shot the dog twice, killing the dog.

His dog suffered multiple injuries but is expected to be okay. The man has a CPL and the gun is registered to him. He was not injured. . . .

Anchorage, Alaska, July 4, 2017, Alaska Dispatch News

The homeowner, whom police did not identify, told officers he was in the process of “re-securing his trash trailer” when he saw the sow and three cubs in his yard with trash.

“He said (he) was able to scare off the bears with an air horn. He said he then grabbed a gun and went back out to pick up the trash left behind by the bears. When he noticed the bears had returned, he sounded the air horn for a second time, and at that time, he said, the sow charged him,” according to a police summary. “He said he then fired his gun and shot and killed the bear.” . . .

Chicago, Illinois, June 30, 2017, NBC Chicago Channel 5

. . . Officers responded to the scene in the 2400 block of West Ohio Street in the city’s West Town neighborhood about 5:35 p.m. A 41-year-old woman said she was driving northbound on Western Avenue when a gray sedan struck her vehicles, according to police. She pulled over to inspect the damage when an “unknown male” jumped in her car and fled, police say.

The woman told police she saw another person, also a male, hiding behind a garbage can, police said. The woman opened fire at some point during the incident with her registered concealed weapon, according to Chicago police.

In home surveillance footage that captured the incident, the woman can be seen examining her red SUV when two men get out of the sedan in front of her. One man gets in the red SUV’s driver’s seat and takes off—leaving the other man behind as he struggles with a passenger-side door. That man runs into a nearby alley. . . .

Jacksonville, Florida, June 21, 2017, Channel 4 TV,

. . . Police said a group of three teens called in a Hot Wok Chinese order and had it delivered to a vacant home on Arancio Drive on the Westside.

The delivery driver showed up to the home and was held at gunpoint, according to police.

Neighbors told News4Jax that the driver threw the food at one of the teens and pulled his own gun, a Glock, from its holster. He fired four to five shots and hit at least one of the teens, according to police.

“Is that money really worth it? The man says he had $200 at the most on him,” said one neighbor, Kelsey who did not give her last name. . . .

Anything including shots being fired at the robbers. That’s exactly what Kelsey says the delivery man in this situation did when he realized his food delivery was an attempted robbery.

The bag of food and receipt were still left behind Wednesday. Crime scene tape is also on the ground where neighbors saw the whole thing unfold. . . .

Salt Lake City, June 21, 2017, Salt Lake Tribune

. . . Wilking said that at about 6 p.m. Tuesday, the female suspect and two men entered the Quiznos at 1775 S. 4130 West, locked the door behind them and produced two handguns.

There were two employee in the store, one at the front counter and one in the back, Wilking said.

While one of the robbers was attempting to get money from the register, the other two robbers tried to get into a back room, Wilking said. There, the second employee barricaded herself behind the door by pushing on it with her body, and then began firing a gun she had on her around the edge of the door, Wilking said.

The employee fired two to six shots. One bullet hit the female robber and another hit a window. No shots were fired by the robbers, Wilking said.

When the female robber was hit, the two males left, taking an undisclosed amount of cash. . . .

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