CPRC’s website wins award for one of the best crime blogs, gets more traffic in US than Everytown and many others

27 Jul , 2017  

The CPRC is ranked #6 among the top 50 crime blogs by Feedspot.  “Feedspot is a News and Blog Reader used by over one million users Globally.  Its a place where users can read all their favorite website in one place.”

While the CPRC covers many crime issues besides gun control and our budget might be a tiny fraction of the budgets for groups on either side of the debate such as Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and Gun Owners of America, our research is getting more attention, at least as measured by website traffic in the US (Alexa rankings can be found here).  While our website has a rank of 27,438 for the US as of July 27th, amazingly Everytown was only at 79,827 despite an annual budget of around $50 million and the massively favorable news coverage they receive.  Even over the entire world, we are generating more interest than Everytown, and we are well ahead of the Brady Campaign and Gun Owners of America.  The CPRC also out does Americans for Responsible Solutions (160,626), the Second Amendment Foundation (370,994), National Shooting Sports Foundation (84,773), and Keep and Bear Arms (262,793).  However, while we are ranked 27,438 in the US, the NRA is ranked at 17,732, though our budget is obviously just a tiny fraction of theirs.

Over the last two weeks, we have had 86,765 unique users, and they have had 132,212 page views.  About 75% of our visitors are from the US.  We get a much higher percentage of our visitors from foreign countries than any of these other blogs.  The NRA and Everytown get 91% and 95% of their hits from the US.

Who are the people who go to our website?  Our readers are relatively young. with 61% under age 35, and we are able to reach both men and women.  From Alexa:

From Google Analytics:


The results using Alexa are shown below.


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