Video of Talk before Members of the Polish Parliament: Explaining the relationship between gun ownership and crime

Feb 6, 2017 | Featured

Dr. John Lott talked to 20 members of the Polish Parliament and some staff with representatives from the three largest political parties.   The hour and 42 minute presentation dealt with the general relationship between guns and crime (the translation was not simultaneous so the talk was very slow).  The talk was originally sponsored by the third largest political party, Kukiz’15.

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  1. Bill Ricker


  2. Keith L Hatfield

    I’ve watched countless presentations and debates involving Dr. Lott and the Polish lecture was a very informative perspective, because the translation effort gave me time to absorb the points made and the additional grounding/background information provided to the Polish parliamentarians really brought the points home more strongly than a US English based lecture with Q&A. Great job!