CRPC Dominates Most Downloaded Research By Economics, Law, Business, and Criminology Researchers in Crime areas at the Social Science Research Network

Nov 27, 2016 | Featured


The Crime Prevention Research Center research has had an impact.  One needs to look no further than how our research ranks compared to the attention given to 324,655 researchers (economics, law, business, criminology and 20 other disciplines) as shown at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) papers.  Not only does how frequently research is downloaded show how much researchers are interested in these studies, but the most downloaded research gets the attention of other researchers.

For the subject category of Violence & Crime (click here if you want to download the papers), the CPRC has three of the top four most downloaded studies, four of the top eight.  All four of our papers here were written within the last year and a half.  The lists for these different categories are shown below.

For the subject category of Security & Safety, the CPRC has two of the top three most downloaded studies, five of the top nine.  All four of our papers here were written within the last two years.

For the subject category of Criminology eJournal, the CPRC has two of the top three most downloaded studies, four of the top seven.

For the subject category of War, Crime, & Peace, the CPRC has three of the top eight most downloaded studies.  All three of our papers here were written within the last year and a half.

Our newest paper with Carlisle Moody (College of William & Mary and CPRC) is currently number one among all empirical papers and number two among all economics papers released in the last 60 days (paper available here for download).






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  1. Tom Campbell

    Congratulations, to you, Nikki, and all of your team and co-authors!!!
    On another subject, a report a few days ago in WSJ on the bunky JAMA article on Florida’s SYG law, I have been in e-mail contact with the author and may be on the road to changing his prejudices about guns.