CPRC’s Lott noted in the Wall Street Journal editorial on “Harriet Tubman is an inspired choice to replace Andrew Jackson”

Apr 20, 2016 | Featured

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In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, they mention a tweet that CPRC’s John Lott had on Harriet Tubman and concerns that her choice may be a politically correct move.

John Lott makes a pithy case for the contrary. An expert on the Second Amendment and sometime contributor to these pages, Mr. Lott notes that Tubman’s life is a rebuke to PC assumptions. As Mr. Lott tweeted after Mr. Lew made the announcement, “On $20 bill, Ds replace Andrew Jackson, a founding father of D Party, w Harriet Tubman, a black, gun-toting, evangelical Christian, R woman.”

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The Tennessean, the Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico), and the Daily Record (New Jersey) ran Frank Daniels’:

The selection of Harriet Tubman is not “pure political correctness,” as 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called it on NBC’s “Today” show Thursday, but it is a reminder that when we reduce our debate to simplistic, one-dimensional stories, we lose who we are.

The most entertaining comment I read on United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s announcement that Tubman would replace President Andrew Jackson as the face of the $20 bill came in a Twitter post by author, economist and Fox News columnist John Lott Jr.

“On $20 bill, D(emocrat)s replace Andrew Jackson, a founding father of D Party, w Harriet Tubman, a black, gun-toting, evangelical Christian, R(epublican) woman,” @JohnRLottJr tweeted.

His 139-character comment is a bittersweet reflection of what holds our interest — pithy wit is far more engaging than the grubby complexity of our history.

We should thank the Treasury Department for reminding us of what a wonderful and intriguing story America is. . . .

Below is the picture of Harriet Tubman that should be on the new $20.

Harriet Taubman the picture that should be on $20

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    Well in defense of jackson he did abolish the fed er national bank. however Tubman fought against slavery, supported by democrats . She was a great woman or is it womyn??? On the other hand as a real man I’m thinking Halle Berry!? But shes probably a demorat , lets go with Tubman a fighter for freedom and of course a republican!!!

  2. Watchdog

    It’s outrageous that a relatively unknown anti-slavery proponent and minor participant in the Underground Railroad would be considered the equivalent to Jefferson’s extraordinary contributions to this country.