Woman attacked in parking by knife wielding robber successfully defends herself with concealed handgun

27 Jan , 2016  

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The pictures are from WHAS ABC Channel 11 in Louisville, Kentucky.  The attack occurred on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016.  From WVIH.com:

According to Louisville Metro Police Department spokeswoman Alicia Smiley, a woman was sitting in her vehicle in the parking garage near the intersection of 5th and Jefferson Streets when a man with a knife approached her then demanded money and her purse, around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The woman pulled out a gun and shot the man. The man fled to the PNC Plaza where he stopped and police were called. The woman also flagged down police. . . .

Fox News has new concealed carry products for women (lingerie, Bra, and Garter holsters).

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2 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    I just love hearing stories with happy endings like these.

  2. LELAND RAY says:

    I love it that the story is short and sweet, just simple facts. This kind of thing happens daily, even hourly in this country, so we shouldn’t be surprised. “If it bleeds, it leads” does need to come into play, and there’s nothing happier than a bullet perforated rapist/robber/killer. But we need to see more stories of the more common scenario, namely the one where the cowardly bad guy runs away when he realizes that his chosen victim had teeth and is willing to take his life if he doesn’t end his predation.

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