Police officer lucky to have had body camera, camera shows accusations of abuse by officer clearly false

18 Jan , 2016  

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From Fox 5 in Atlanta:

 – In this day and age, police officers are under intense scrutiny. Any complaint of bad conduct could trigger an internal investigation and possible disciplinary action. So our FOX 5 I-Team was intrigued when a DeKalb Fire department employee complained that a local police officer cussed her out. Dale Russell reports that things are not always as they seem. . . .

“If it’s true, he’s subject to reprimands, any kind of discipline including firing, termination.” Bill McKenney, a former police officer and now a lawyer who represents police, looked at the case for us. He says this kind of complaint can be damaging to an officer. “Even if he’s not fired, that’s going to stay with him. That’s part of his history.”

But when Krystal Cathcart filed her complaint with Stone Mountain police, she must not have known that Sgt. Davis had a dashboard camera on his car and a body camera on his chest. . . .

Sgt. Floyd: “You can wait over there.”
Krystal Cathcart: “Why.”
Sgt. Floyd: “Because I asked you to. This traffic stop had nothing to do.”
Krystal Cathcart: “I can stand right here.”
Sgt. Floyd: “No you cannot stand right there, and it’s the last time I’m going to ask you or I’m going to put you in the back of my car.”
Krystal Cathcart: “We’ll call Dr. Alexander.”
Sgt. Floyd: “That’s right, call Dr. Alexander, thank you very much.” . . .


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