New CNN Poll Shows that few Americans believe that Obama’s Executive Actions will make a difference, but they still support it

12 Jan , 2016  

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According to CNN, only 41% of Americans think that Obama’s executive regulations will reduce the number of gun-related deaths, but 67% still support it, with 43% saying that they strongly support the move.  This raises the concern that Republicans harping only on whether Obama’s actions are legal leaves Americans to believe that Obama is at least trying to do something.  A case can be made that his policies have real costs (that these rules will make it more costly for poor blacks to get guns, that mass public shootings are higher, not lower, in states with the types of background checks that Obama wants), but Americans aren’t hearing those concerns.

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If correct, this poll result suggests Obama is winning the battle over Americans’ views on guns — 61% of Americans reportedly believe that Obama’s actions are either the right amount or not going far enough.



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