CPRC on the Sean Hannity Radio Show to discuss Obama’s Townhall on CNN on guns

11 Jan , 2016  

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From the Sean Hannity Show website:

4:05PM EST – John Lott President Crime Prevention Research Center and author of More Guns, Less CrimeGayle Trotter Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, and Attorney Shafer & Trotter PLC, a law firm in metropolitan Washington, D.C. – they are here to address the sham of a Townhall hosted by uber liberal Anderson Cooper last night with the President where we learned just how hell bent the Obama is on getting our guns. Lott’s research points out the following:

Persistent claims have been made that expanding background checks to include any private transfers of guns would reduce mass public shootings. Yet, this is the first study to systematically look to see if that is true. In fact there is no evidence that these laws reduce the risk of these attacks. Examining all the mass public shootings in the US from 2000 through 2015, we find that states adopting additional background checks on private transfers they see a statistically significant increase in rates of killings (80% higher) and injuries (101%) from mass public shootings. There is not one mass public shooting that occurred over that period where these checks would have prevent from occurring.

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  1. Jeff Stanley says:

    Why has the president never had to answer Hannity’s and Lott’s point, that Obama’s executive orders don’t address the issue by which he’s rationalizing them? Everybody knows it, including the President. In light of which, it’s hardly “a conspiracy” to wonder what his real agenda is. Especially when he is hurting the very people he claims to be helping by pursuing it.

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