Surge in applications for concealed handgun permits since Paris Terrorist Attack

22 Nov , 2015  

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Currently there are about 13 million concealed handgun permits in the US, about 5.2% of the adult population.  With people thinking of the terrorist attacks in Paris, there has been a significant increase in applications for concealed handgun permits.  But even a doubling of permits will leave the US well below the percent of the adult population in Israel with permits, but it would still increase the odds that someone would be available to stop a killer intent on killing many people.


From WPVI in West Chester, Pennsylvania: “In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, some Pennsylvania counties have seen a sharp surge in concealed-carry gun permit applications.  That includes Chester County, where the sheriff’s department has seen a flurry of activity as requests have doubled. . . . Sheriff Carolyn Bunny Welsh said the interest is directly related to the terror attacks.  “We normally would process up to 100 applications. This week we have processed 200 applications, and I have a waiting room full of people,” she said.  Two sheriffs in western Pennsylvania – in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties – have seen the same kind of surge in applications for permits to legally carry concealed handguns.”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Immediately after the Friday terrorist attack in Paris, “The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office processed 121 permits Tuesday and 104 permits Monday, more than double the daily average of about 50, said Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus.

From the Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania): “On a normal day, the Lackawanna County sheriff’s office collects an estimated five to 15 applications to carry guns.  This week, the department processed 132 permit applications as of about 1 p.m. Friday, meaning the average surged to at least 26 per day.  “There’s a line of people going out the door,” Sheriff Mark McAndrew said while 16 people crowded the department’s lobby. “It’s been that way ever since the (terrorist attacks) in France.” . . .”

From the Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania): “Several counties, including Lehigh and Northampton, have seen an increase in permit applications or renewals in the wake of the attacks that killed 129 people.  “We’ve seen a bit of an increase — a 10 to 15 percent increase over the past couple days,” said Chief Deputy Ken Coia of the Lehigh County Sheriff’s Department. “I can only attribute it to Paris.” . . . “


Fox 29 News in San Antonio, Texas: “Not only have guns sales gone up, concealed carry licenses have as well. McCall says their concealed carry classes have doubled in the last week. He says we can’t let terrorism around the world stop us, but we can be prepared.


NBC Channel 12 WSFA in Madison County, Alabama (Huntsville): “In terms of gun permits, the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office saw the biggest spike in permits given out since Friday.


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  1. Tom Campbell says:

    Seeking to carry legally is the rational approach, not, as the Europeans are trying to do: further restrict law-abiding citizens’ ownership of certain types of guns. What the Euros need to do is change their public gun culture so that citizens can carry on the street for their own protection. Throughout most of the Third World and the First World, self defense is not a reason to be authorized to own a gun, and guess where most of the world’s worst mass killings and other terrorist acts against civilians happen – in what are effectively Gun-Free Zones!!! Think Algeria, Tunisia, anywhere in the Middle East. In Third and Second World countries, the criminals, terrorists, and government authorities have the guns, and, unfortunately, the authorities are too often indistinguishable in their behavior from criminals and terrorists.

  2. marty luffman says:

    I wish more folks u nderstood that they have a gun in their home or car without a carry. Just hope t helps ey take a class and learn to use it.

  3. David M. Bennett says:

    People are realizing that a shoot-out is better than a massacre!

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