Two crimes within 24 hours foiled in the Detroit area by Concealed Handgun Permit Holders

23 Sep , 2015  

Carjacking folied Detroit

Armed bank robbery stopped (Monday night, September 21, 2015):

. . . The 43-year-old assailant entered the bank with a gun and had procured “a large amount” of cash from the bank when, on the way out, he appears to have threatened a 63-year-old customer with his gun, according to Fouts.

That customer turned out to be carrying a concealed firearm for which he had a permit, the mayor said. The customer managed to pull out his own weapon and  shoot the suspect three times: once in each arm and once in a leg.

The robber then staggered outside the building, where he fell, dropping the money alongside him, said witness Shante Jackson, who was watching after he heard a bang from across the street.

“I was in a state of shock,” she said. . . .

More on the story is available here.

Carjacking foiled (Tuesday morning, September 22, 2015):

. . . A man in his 40s was putting air in his tire when he was approached by another man who jumped in the victim’s car and tried to drive off. The victim shot into the car at the suspect, causing him to crash the car into a pole blocking the gas pump. . . .

The suspect grabbed a crowbar from the car and chased the victim for a short distance before running away from the gas station. . . . .


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