CPRC on KTSA in San Antonio to talk about the Shooting of the Reporter and Cameraman in Virginia

26 Aug , 2015  

Jack Riccardi
John Lott talked to KTSA’s Jack Riccardi about the horrible shooting in Virginia on Wednesday morning and what it means for the calls today for more gun control  (Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, 7:07 to 7:15 PM).


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  1. […] walking around with guns.  I was wrong.  By 7 P.M. last night, Mad Dog John Lott was already on a radio show telling the audience that “dozens of mass shootings” had been stopped by armed citizens […]

  2. […] guys with guns to set matters straight.  Mad Dog Lott, one of the chief propagandists for the NRA, said it last night like this: “Guns can do bad things, but they can also do good things.” He then […]

  3. […] gun laws is that they don’t work.  Lott got out there the same day as the Virginia shooting and proclaimed that “virtually all” NICS background checks were “false-positives,” meaning that not only […]

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