CPRC at Laura Ingraham’s new site LifeZette: “Obama’s Not Done with Guns”

28 Jul , 2015  

Laura Ingraham

John Lott’s piece at Laura Ingraham’s new site LifeZette starts this way:

President Obama wants to take away people’s guns. Last week, he lamented to the BBC that his biggest frustration as president was not getting major gun control passed during his presidency.

How much does he dislike Americans having guns? He obviously doesn’t even trust soldiers with them, even on a limited basis. Despite repeated attacks against our military, both on and off bases, no one expects Obama to let our military carry guns.

But with only 18 months left in office and a Republican-controlled Congress, Obama is unlikely to be able to push through a new gun control law. Still, his legacy on gun ownership will be long-lasting. He has appointed about half the federal judges in the country and implemented many new regulations.

Obama’s regulations have already targeted military veterans and Social Security retirees. For both groups, he wants individuals who rely on others to handle their finances to be classified as “mentally defective,” and thus unable to own a gun.

If Social Security were to start classifying these people as “mentally defective,” some 4.2 million Social Security recipients could be affected — which equals about 10 percent of all people 65 and older. . . .

The rest of the piece is available here.

Breitbart.com covered the points in our op-ed.


4 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Its not that we want to carry a weapon, we must carry a gun. We are in very troubling times in our history, defense of family is a priority. Carrying a gun which I do legally gives me that edge if anything would cause harm to me or my family. We also could help if we ever stepped into a situation at the wrong time during a robbery or bodily threat on people we don’t know. We are taught to back off a bad situation, but many times a bad guy just wants to hurt you. If Obama continues to go after my guns and the millions of other citizens guns that causes my loss of protection, it could turn into new low in American history.

    • Rancho Del Valkayrie says:

      Guess The Current Incumbent President doesn’t consider his main objective “of Protecting The Citizenry from adversary’s both foreign and domestic” as priority #1 of his office.

  2. Sue Ianni says:

    WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, President Obama is attempting to sign away the most basic Constitutional rights of almost 1/3 of our law-abiding, non-violent citizens, including:

    – the Right to Bear Arms, and
    – the Right to Privacy.

    Those included in this unconstitutional act:

    – Those who have been treated for mental illness at some point;
    – Medicare recipients, who have another person handle their finances;
    – Veterans, who have another person handle their finances.

    President Obama has called the 1st Group, “dangerous people.” He has called the 2nd and 3rd groups, “mental defectives.”

    Perhaps President Obama is trying to deflect the public from the fact that he is the truly “dangerous person,” and his policies certainly appear to be the result of a “mentally defective” mind.

    My prediction: His next policy will be to disarm cops, both on the streets and in police stations. After all, he sees them as violent threats to the community, also

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