Elderly man fortunate Bloomberg’s gun groups didn’t convince Kroger to ban guns

Apr 27, 2015 | Featured

Arkansas Kroger attack stopped 1

Last year, Michael Bloomberg’s gun control organization launched a “six-figure ad campaign” pressuring Kroger to ban guns on its property. The extensive campaign had “print and digital ads in USA Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Houston Chronicle. Print-only ads will run in the Tennessean.”

On April 22nd, fortunately a concealed handgun permit holder who was leaving a Kroger had his handgun with him. From Fox News 16 in Little Rock, Arkansas:

The 24-year-old said when he was leaving the grocery store, he saw something he couldn’t ignore.

“I saw seven people against one guy and I did not like those odds,” said Gene.

The out numbered man was elderly so Gene said he felt obligated to get involved.With his gun drawn, the attackers turned their attention.

“They kept yelling this ‘isn’t your fight, you need to walk away you need to put the gun down’,” said Gene.

While all this was happening, shoppers pulled out a weapon of their own–their cell phones–so they can take pictures and call police.

“Some lady behind yells ‘there’s a man with a gun to 911,'” said Gene.

By the time police arrived the attackers and the victim took off. Turns out, they were all related. Police said the man was an uncle being assaulted by his nephew.

Gene said he’s been carrying legally for years and is glad he’s never had to draw his weapon before but admits if he was in this scenario again, his actions would be the same. . . .

Arkansas Kroger attack stopped 2

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  1. Eric

    This is improper use of a self-defense weapon. The armed man was not threatened. The armed man had no grounds to fire his weapon. He should not draw a weapon if not prepared to use it. He failed the test.

    • Ian

      Wrong. Police agree that your assumption is wrong. He can protect not only his own life, but that of another citizen. If you were alone in that lot and ran away when you could have stopped the assault, you are aiding in a felony.

      • Jeff Stanley

        Laws on these matters vary from state to state.