North Dakota moves to eliminate many gun-free zones, including parked cars on college campuses

12 Apr , 2015  

The list of states that allow concealed permitted handguns on college campuses continues to grow.  From KX News in North Dakota:

Legislation is headed to Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s desk that expands the places where a concealed-carry permit holder can have a gun.

The bill would allow concealed-carry permit holders to pack guns at public parks, political rallies, concerts and highway rest stops.

The House approved the legislation Thursday. Senators approved the measure on Tuesday.

The measure also allows hunters to use legally owned short-barreled rifles for hunting. The bill also allows concealed-carry permit holders to have a gun in liquor stores. . . .

Representatives also endorsed Senate amendments to a separate House bill that allows college students and university employees to keep firearms in locked vehicles on campus. . . .


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  1. ThinkLonger says:

    A comment from one of the college students in the local news: “If someone can have a gun at school, maybe I should have a vest on myself.” I guess he didn’t consider the time to wear the vest is when law abiding cannot carry, yet criminals will carry. http://www.wday.com/news/3719031-bill-allowing-concealed-carry-guns-more-places-waiting-gov-dalrymples-approval-not

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