Greg Gutfeld and the rest of The Five explain the benefits of concealed carry, especially for blacks

4 Apr , 2015  

This discussion is excellent and there is little to critically comment on. Greg Gutfeld, Ainsley Earhardt, Jedediah Bila, and Eric Bolling clearly explain the issues. The one misleading concern wasn’t directly addressed was raised by Juan Williams, and it is part of his continued claim that the real danger in the home is people being shot by their loved ones. In past discussions, Juam has claimed that more than half of murders involve close family members and he frequently mentions that getting a gun would make it more likely that his wife would be shot. But all these discussions about domestic violence are a misreading of the statistics. In 2013, 11.56 percent of murders involve: Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother, and Sister. If you add in other relatives, the percent is raised 13.6.

It is true that most murders are acquaintance murders, but most acquaintance murders involve rival gang members. They also include everything from cab drivers who pick up a would be fare (if the robber commits the murder after he gets in the cab, it is classified as an acquaintance murder because of the perceived financial relationship). I could go on, but here is a simple point: 90 percent of adult murderers have an adult violent criminal record. I kind of doubt that Juan’s wife has a criminal record of any type so I don’t think that Juan has much to worry about.

Eric Bolling’s comments on police and their views on gun control is correct (survey data on police views is available here and here).  Regarding Greg Gutfeld’s statement that murder rates go up whenever guns are banned see here.  For data on how poor blacks benefit more than others from having permitted concealed handguns see here.


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