New Hope City (MN) Council Member John Elder responds to attack on council by drawing gun

27 Jan , 2015  

When shots rang out in the New Hope City Council (Minnesota), Council Member John Elder, a former police officer, drew his permitted concealed handgun to protect those who were at the meeting. An armed attacker shot at a group of uniformed police officers, wounding two of them (they are OK).  Other officers returned fire, killing the man. But Council Member Elder provided a valuable backup.



3 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I note that one of the first actions of the former officer was to instruct that evidence not be collected.

    Pull pistol.
    Assume command and order others down.
    Instruct that evidence NOT be captured to film.

    Really? A retired officers’ first instinct after pulling his pistol is to order the elimination of evidence? Makes me wonder what this guy did before coming to the city council.

    • Dylan Constantino says:

      Makes me ask the same thing, very odd response to something like this. Officer overall did what he could for the people there, but why ask for video recording device to stop?? Doesn’t make sense.

      • Miller says:

        Both of you are thinking of this in the wrong way, and it’s a shame that this is the level of respect that police officers get nowadays. Did it occur to either of you that since this was being recorded that he didn’t want anyone to get shot or killed on television? The priority of police officers is not their own safety, but rather the safety of those around them, and that includes the people watching this council that would have witnessed someone dying if not for the actions of this brave man. In your minds all you wanted was to catch him doing something that you could charge him with, but too bad that all you got was a man doing his job and protecting those that would not have been able to protect themselves. I guarantee you that if you were in that room that day you would be eternally grateful for Mr. Elder’s instincts and training, not wondering why he wanted the recording to stop.

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