CPRC on John Stossel’s Fox News Show discussing Bloomberg’s false claims on guns

Oct 4, 2014 | Featured

CPRC’s John Lott appeared on John Stossel’s show to discuss people’s fears about guns and analyze two television ads put out by Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups.  John Stossel’s show invited Bloomberg’s various gun control organizations to send a representative to debate on guns, but, as they have done so many times in the past, Shannon Watts and the rest of Bloomberg’s staff declined to participate.  The show discussed Bloomberg’s claims regarding the risks of guns in the home as well as domestic violence.  Bloomberg’s PR people did send some statements to be read on the show and they were discussed, but it would have been a lot more enlightening if they had been willing to debate.  This show aired on Fox News on Saturday at 5 PM EDT and will re-air at 10 PM EDT on Sunday, and 1 AM EDT on Monday.  

At 2:25 into the interview, Stossel mentions again how the Bloomberg people were unwilling to appear on the program when they knew that Lott was participating.  Normally when gun control advocates refuse to debate Lott he is replaced with someone else or the gun control people go on by themselves.  But in this case Dr. Lott’s son was the producer for this show.

One of the people who saw the Fox News segment tonight was nice enough to send this email immediately after the above segment.

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  1. WBHobbs

    It’s a shame that so many liberals become irrational in connection with firearms. Many appear to be just horribly misinformed, but many appear to have some sort of phobia that paralyzes them with fear and causes the sort of reaction that we see in Esteban Vilahu above. Many liberals I talk to are more civil, but still react to firearms as if they were some sort of sentient killing machine from a science fiction movie.

  2. ThinkLonger

    Can you provide a link to the study referenced at 4:50 in the video? I would like to see how they come up with “5 times more likely” and what the actual data shows.


  1. Information on errors in Bloomberg’s various claims on guns | gaanteng - […] you can watch the two segments from the show on youtube here and […]