Ann Coulter’s discussion of affirmative action for police

28 Aug , 2014  

Ann Coulter’s newest article has a detailed discussion of CPRC’s John Lott research on hiring in police departments. A copy of Lott’s research is available here. Ann Coulter’s piece contains this:

I’m against more black people being murdered, raped and assaulted.

In a massive, detailed 2000 study of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action plans on police departments, economist John Lott found that the more minorities on a police force, the higher the rates of murder, manslaughter, violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault will be. Violent crime increased by a minimum of 3.3 percent every year after affirmative action policies went into effect — and the spike in crime was highest in black neighborhoods.

The problem was not with black cops, Lott’s study showed, but rather with the lowering of standards across the board, resulting in less-qualified officers of every race. To get more of MSNBC’s “voices of oppression” on police forces, requirements are reduced for all recruits. (Just as quality declined at MSNBC when “voices of oppression” had to be added to their lineup.) . . .

And no one imagined that only the minority officers would be less qualified. As Lott’s study showed, once standards are lowered to ensure “diversity,” standards are lowered for all recruits, resulting in a rainbow coalition of incompetence. . . .

Lott’s study did find some preliminary evidence that increasing the number of black male cops on a police force led to a slight reduction in shootings of civilians — as did having more white male cops. But more white females on a police force increased shootings of civilians. The voices of oppression don’t get to have it both ways. . . .



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