Human Events and The Examiner note the importance of the CPRC’s crowd funding effort.

5 May , 2014  

The link to the crowd funding page is available here.


The economist, who is the leading expert on gun violence statistics, told Guns & Patriots that gun control advocates produce faulty research to confuse the public and further their gun ban agenda.

“If they can control the numbers that are used in the gun control debate, then they can control the debate,” said John R. Lott Jr., founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a research and education organization that studies the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety. . . .

The reason why Crime Prevention Research Center was put together is to try and critically evaluate these studies, something that, he said, has not been done otherwise. “Our goal is to go and put out real, high-quality, peer-reviewed academic studies to ascertain the effect of gun control laws and crime rates.”

Lott said because gun control advocates are losing the battle nationwide, they will be producing more and more studies to control the numbers and the debate. “Soon there will be an avalanche of studies, and their advice puts lives at risk.”

The Examiner: Crowdfunding project will provide counter to bogus anti-gun ‘studies’

“The Violence Policy Center regularly puts out these bogus charges in a report called ‘Concealed Carry Killers,’” economist, author and commentator John R. Lott, Jr. writes in a Tuesday article at National Review Online. “But how does it claim to arrive at these numbers?

“It seems the Violence Policy Center piles on any numbers that it can get hold of, anything that can be related to concealed-carry holders,” Lott observes in his detailed explanation of why the numbers are incompetently tallied to the point of producing fraudulent results. “For instance, it counts legitimate self-defense cases in which no charges were filed or the permit holder was charged and later exonerated.”

This column has criticized that effort before, posing a challenge the group has no intention of addressing — by using their own methodology to compare if lawful gun carriers are more likely to kill than police (the “only ones” VPC thinks should be “allowed” to bear arms). Admittedly the evidence is incomplete and anecdotal, but if a national anti-gun group can present sloppy conclusions as settled science, it seems fair to beat them at their own game using “rules” they’ve established. . . .

Debunking agenda-driven baloney like the kind VPC is serving up is but one area out of many needed undertakings for a project proposed on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website, where an effort is being made to raise $300,000 to finance the Crime Prevention Research Center. . . .

If you see a value and a benefit to you and yours in this, the project can be supported simply by going to this link and clicking on the “Contribute Now” button. And don’t forget to share the link and promote it on social media.

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