CPRC on Fox News to discuss Chicago’s policing policies and restrictions on poor people being able to defend themselves

May 6, 2014 | Featured

Appearance: Saturday, April 26th, 9:33 to 9:37 PM. Here is a rough transcript.

Judge Jeanine: With me now, political commentator, author of seven books [actually eight] including More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott. Okay. More Guns, Less Crime. That is counter intuitive. What does that mean?

Lott: Just as you can deter criminals with higher arrest rates or conviction rates, the fact that victims can defend themselves can also deter criminals. I think that police are extremely important. They are probably the most important factor, and, unfortunately, we can talk about this but rahm emanuel has cut the number of police. he’s reorganized the police department in many ways and has made them much less efficient. the closure rate for murders in 2012 was 26%. that’s abysmal. But when the police can’t be there, it is important to let potential victims have the chance to defend themselves. and unfortunately, up until very recently, they’ve been essentially made very difficult for them to be able to do that.

Judge Jeanine: Your books, they’ve been best sellers. this could not cement,oncept, more guns, less crime. are you suggesting if more people had guns that the criminals would be less likely to shoot people for fear they have a gun too?

Lott: Sure. Just give you a simple example. Would you put a sign in front of your home that says your home is a gun-free zone? my guess you is wouldn’t do that.

Judge Jeanine: Mine isn’t.

Lott: Right, and the reason is obvious because you know, if you put a sign like, that it would be an invitation for the criminals to go attack you there. the same is true with permanent concealed handguns. unfortunately the problem in illinois is that it costs between $650 and $700 to go through licensing process to get a permit. compare to it pennsylvania where i’m at right now where it is $19. The problem is the people who benefit the most from having guns for protection are poor minorities who live in the high crime areas. It is the very people who will most likely be victim of violent crime who benefit the most from having the option to protect themselves. But the way the democrats have set it up in illinois is that it is only the very wealthy who are able to afford the process to go get guns for protection.

Judge Jeanine: One of the thing that congressman davis just said before you, that they had to cut back on police. I was a sitting d.a. and i ran a lot of task forces, and gun running task forces and all that stuff. You know you put your police in the area that’s are most violent. I don’t understand why there is this acquiescence with: “well, that is what happens in Chicago, the people are poor.” Do you buy that?

Lott: No, there are two thing that happened. One they did cut down on the number of police by about 10%. But Rahm Emanuel also moved around police. Police who had been in certain high crime areas for a decade or a decade-and-a-half who knew where the criminals were. who knew where the problems were. And they were moved out of those areas to relatively safer communities.

Judge Jeanine: Exactly, exactly.

Lott: You lost a lot of police experience that was there and you don’t make that up overnight. plus they got rid of the gang task force so it is not too surprising that you see gang crime increase dramatically after that.

Judge Jeanine: Thanks so much for being with us. i couldn’t agree with you more. the last thing do you is pull out law enforcement. and they should be ashamed of themselves. they’re in the bottom of federal prosecutions for gun crimes, and as you are saying they are not clearing these cases.

Information that supports the claim that police were moved from high to low crime areas of the city is available here.




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