CPRC on the Dennis Miller and Bill Martinez Radio Shows

May 8, 2014 | Featured

Dennis Miller Radio Show (Wednesday, May 7th, 2:06 to 2:30 PM) — Great show largely on the problems with gun-free zones.

Dennis – “I tell you that no matter what side of the gun issue you are in this country you are on you need to read the book More Guns, Less Crime just for the information. If you want more stringent gun control, fine — read the book. If you come out of it and still believe that way, fine, I am not going to castigate people. But I would encourage everybody on both sides of it to read the book. It is the most solid information you have out there on this topic.”

Bill Martinez Radio Show (Wednesday, May 7th, 9:17 to 9:45 PM) Part 1 and Part 2