CPRC in the news about Obama’s push for Sandy Hook anniversary events

3 Dec , 2013  

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has this:

. . . But at least one prominent gun and crime researcher says he thinks that the OFA campaign is misleading.

“Obviously background checks wouldn’t have stopped Newtown,” John Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Lanza’s mom bought the guns, and she was legally able to do so and could have been able to do so under the Senate bill that President Obama was advocating earlier this year,” he said.

Lott says two particularly misleading claims are being made about Newtown and gun control.

“Since its inception, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System has blocked more than 2 million gun sales to people prohibited from purchasing them,” reads one OFA bullet point. The organization also says that approximately 40 percent of all gun sales in 2012 were transferred without a criminal background check.

Lott calls those claims “completely false.” They rely on decades-old data and ignore that the vast majority of gun ownership transfers are “within-family inheritances and gifts,” he said.

Organizing for Action did not return requests seeking comment. . . .

More information on these claims about background checks is available here.



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